• Sensor




Hercules Sensor

  • People, vehicles distinguishable
  • Detects height from 2 to 7 m
  • Temperature range : –30 °C to +60 °C
  • Wide area detection
  • Ignoring cross-traffic vehicles
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Infrared Sensor

  • Infrared sensors
  • 4.8 m wide, 4 m height area detection
  • Energy savings by ignoring cross-trafficking vehicles
  • Easy and quick to install
vehicle sensor

Loop Sensor

  • Vehicle & metal detection sensor
  • Enable to open or close door immediately
  • with no touch of switch at a site with much
  • movement of forklifts, vehicles, and goods
  • Laying loop detector and its connected coil on the ground
  • Accurate detection control and stability
  • Enable to prevent all types of interference by controlling four frequencies
  • Accurate detection with the use of ASB
  • function for container vehicles and trailers
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Remote control


  • channel remote controller: open, stop, and close
  • One remote controller for up to three doors
  • Direct transmission distance: 100m
Multi remote-controller for High speed door
  • One remote controller for multiple doors
  • One transmitter for up to 8 doors
  • Detection mode: AC220V 60Hz
  • Input voltage Relay No output
  • Operating temperature: 20 ℃ ~50 ℃

One point switch

  • Door open and close by pushing a button
  • Basic option
  • Quick door control

Microwave motion sensor

  • Door open & close by detecting hands or objects
  • Clean maintenance without any touching impurities and bacteria of the hands on switch
  • Good for food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics companies which are sensitive to hygiene
  • Non-contact motion recognition
  • Detection distance: 10~40cm
  • Operating temperature: 20 ℃ ~50 ℃

Pull switch

Pull-switch for High speed door
  • Door open & close by pulling the string of door
  • Easy door open and close on vehicles like forklift
  • Single-pole snap switch
  • Easy door open & close
  • Quick door control

Safety sensor (basic option)

  • Patent obtainment
  • Attachment of safety cap for malfunction prevention and normal operation even with impurities
  • Minimal non-detection area by basically providing 4-point safety sensors on the left and right frames (two in each frame)

Pressure sensor

  • At door down, if an obstacle increasingly 
    presses the tube, door stops or is opened.
  • Automatic door opening when an object touches door
  • Detection distance: 10~50cm
  • Input voltage: 2mbar
  • Max contact point load: 0.5A/ 250VAC
  • Operating temperature: 20 ℃ ~50 ℃