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COAD enforce fixed-price system by standard price table

2019-08-03 15:14

lntroduced standard price table for the first in the industry

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COAD announced that it will implement fixed-price system by introducing the standard price table for the first in
the industry.

This fixed-price system is intended to reduce consumer damage that may occur due to an inaccurate price
system without proper standards.

With this system, COAD have the foundation to provide industrial automatic doors at a transparent price. In addition, free visit consulting is in progress, so customer can get a free quotation anywhere.
In addition to Speed-Doors that are installed at places where vehicles and logistics must be moved quickly, they
also have the largest product lineup including overhead doors.
Now COAD participate in the 12th Cosmetic Pharmaceutical Machinery & Equipment(COPHEX 2017) held at the
KINTEX from April 18 to 21. In this Exhibition, Among the 13 types of high-speed automatic doors, will show industrial automatic doors suitable for indoor environments.

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