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COAD automatic door exhibited high speed door at 2019 PROPAK ASIA.

2019-09-28 15:31
COAD exhibited propak asia 2019

Coad Auto door, a company specializing in factory automatic doors, said it submitted the Speed Door C Series at the 26th Thai Processing, Packaging&Logistics Industry Exhibition in Bangkok from June 13-16.

COAD Booth at PROPAK ASIA 2019

Propac Asia, considered the largest packaging exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand, is also an exhibition that has attracted buyers from all over Asia, including Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and others, to clinch many field contracts this year.

COAD Booth at PROPAK ASIA 2019

"In Thailand, the number of High speed doors that block the inflow of air into the country is increasing every year due to the high humidity and the number of bugs in the country is increasing," said an official at COAD Thailand. "At this exhibition, the automatic door of COAD received positive reviews for its technical skills."

COAD Booth at PROPAK ASIA 2019

COAD has a manufacturing factory within Thailand, and a South Korean engineer is stationed there, making it easier to use A/S. In particular, the industrial door-type C-3 Self-repairing type is zipper-type and is designed to block dust and impurities, which can play a role in preventing contamination of food and packaging-related factory products.

COAD Booth at PROPAK ASIA 2019

"Currently, automatic doors that open and close at a fast pace, like the C-series, are becoming a must-have item for factories that need to maintain cooling and cleaness," said Lee Dae-hoon, CEO of COAD.