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Required industrial site necessary item in the rainy season

2019-08-03 16:44

Since COAD Speed-Door is waterproof, there is no worry about rust in rain water

COAD-2, High speed door for water-proof

The industrial site of the rainy season needs special attention. Because rainwater inflow can cause problems
such as machine failure.

Among these reason the High Speed-door of COAD is emerging as a necessary item in the rainy season industrial field. It is fully waterproof and can be used safely in the rainy season.

When the door is closed, the COAD-Series is characterized by closed power because it have no
gaps and the bottom is finished with a safety wall. Therefore, even in the rainy season, where rainfall is
high, rainwater or moisture can be completely blocked, which is effective in protecting internal facilities and
The COAD has 13 models of High Speed-door according to the site from COAD-1 (Standard Model) to
COAD-13 (Explosion Proof Model). Both the frame and the drum that make up the speed door are
made of aluminum and are resistant to deformation and corrosion.
COAD official said 'We hope you do not damage in rainy season by installing a High Speed door." and "
Unlike the high speed door which is used in the past, it is made of aluminum and does not rust."
Detailed product information and introduction of the COAD Speed-door can be found on the COAD official

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