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Selected as a COAD G-pass company

2019-08-03 16:36

Established 6 overseas subsidiaries for the first time in the industry

COAD was selected as a G-pass( Government Performance ASSured) company by the Public Procurement
Service, and it was recognized as competitiveness in domestic and overseas markets.

G-pass( Government Performance Assured) company is a promising company to enter the overseas procurement
market, whim is selected by the Public Procurement Service (PPS) as a comprehensive evaluation of its
technological capability and ability to enter overseas markets. Through the export support program sum as participating in public procurement overseas exhibitions and export consortium for 5 years from the date of selection, Network and expand opportunities for overseas procurement.

COAD official said, "COAD has been selected as a G-pass company as a result of its efforts to develop overseas
markets based on its proven technology and service. and We will make efforts to become a global brand that
spreads its technology."

COAD is the only company in the industry to establish 6 overseas subsidiaries include in Japan, Malaysia and
Thailand. It is a global company in the industry to achieve export performance of$ 4.5 million last year. It won the 1
million top of export and the first place in the KSCl(Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index) for the second consecutive

Reporter, Ji-Hye Park/ noname@ledaily.co.kr
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