COAD products are all waterproof. For making almost perfect waterproof procucts, we buried the open switch on the frame to avoid the sensor's weakness for humidity and invisible bolts were even coated.
Nevertheless, we can offer competative price compare to others by mold Standardization and mass production.
And wind pressure has increased by minimizing the seat breakaway due to wind lock device, whereas it was significantly mitigate noise.
Other company to pay more expenses for option but we can offer you no extra charge applies with wind lock to all products
To improve the sealing, the angle of the brush with a maximum impurity influx blocked.

    Speed door service life is about 10 years except consumables (sensors, etc.)

    We are doing installation within 14 days from measuring visit and contract date.
After receiving the order from customers we do process and complies with the prescribed deadlines, except for specific sites and requests from customers.