About us

Global Industrial door Manufacturer, COAD!

COAD is specialized to produce and install the Industrial door in the world. Based on the patented technologies and the experts of engineering team, COAD directly provides the excellent services in installations and product performances.


In Thailand, COAD has local industry to produce Industrial door. we are providing satisfactory service to our customers with product strength that is distinct from other companies and fast service that is within 48 hours. COAD has been provided services throughout Thailand,  From Phuket to Chiang Mai.

It is managed by Korean professional experts for all process of Industrial door.
COAD’s C-series High Speed Doors are well received and pleased by numerous well-known international companies. Especially, COAD is gaining its recognition of Industrial door as a top tier company in the global business world.

COAD is focusing its effort to become a company that everyone, including not only company executives and shareholders, but also company employees, suppliers, contractors, customers, can be part of and be proud of. Primarily, COAD sets up systems and makes the decisions on products and services from the preference of customers that our own employees and family members are using our products. All overseas corporations are the family members of COAD.

All COAD employees and I promise to provide continued excellent products and services of High Speed Door as an industry leader. We also recognize our social responsibilities and promise to our part. Thank you very much.