Self-repairing high speed door

  • usually installed at sites with logistical movements such as forklift.
  • Advanced automatic door that self repairing in case of a collision without any additional repair costs
  • Built with zipper type, tightly locked and has a strong seal force.
C-3 automatic recovery model before-after
C-3 High speed door automatic recovery model by COAD

Standard high speed door

  • The high strength wind bar and the wind lock system are combined in the frame
  • with no joints in the middle, resulting in strong sealing forces
  • Replacements are convenient for each sheet
C-1 High speed door by COAD
C-1 High speed door installed at factory by COAD

Slim high speed door

  • The motor is mounted inside the drum to provide free space for the left and right
  • can be installed in narrow corridors
  • waterproof High speed automatic door
C-2 High speed door Slim type by COAD
C-2 High speed door slim type at food company by COAD

Storage overhead door

  • 3 times faster than the overhead door.
  • Minimized storage space of panels
  • reduced the A/S cost by using a chain-driven method.
New overhead door for Industrial purpose By COAD
Garage door By COAD

Global brand of Auto door, COAD

COAD is specialized to manufacture and install the Auto door all over the world. Based on the patented technologies and the experts of engineering team, COAD directly provides the excellent services in installations and product performances.